MLB Ballpark Frequently Asked Questions for Android Devices | (2023)

Home Tab

Your Next Ticketed Event

The Home tab will allow you quick access to tickets for your next event. Tapping on the event will allow you to see your ticket status and manage forwards. Tapping on “Open tickets” will take you directly to the barcode for quick and easy scanning at the gate.

Recommended Context

The Home Tab will also provide you with suggestions depending on your current context, such as:

  • Reminders to forward tickets
  • Complete set up of your Ballpark app, e.g. choosing a favorite team
  • Notable in venue features, e.g. mobile ordering for select clubs
  • Nearby MLB games with available tickets

Be sure to turn on location to experience all of the exclusive content on the Home tab.

Tickets Tab

The Tickets tab enables you to purchase, access, and manage your tickets all in one section of the app. We’ve combined both the previous Wallet & Buy Tickets tabs.


Access and manage your existing inventory of tickets.

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Buy Tickets

Scroll through your favorite team’s entire schedule. Tap on a row the green ticket icon to purchase tickets.

Filters allow you to narrow down the full schedule to just view home games, or navigate to another team’s schedule. If you have any questions about ticketing, please see the “MLB Ballpark Digital Ticketing” section in the FAQ below.

Ticket Forwarding

From your list of tickets to an individual event, you have the ability to forward those tickets to another person via email or link. To track your sent and received forwards, simply tap on the ticket forward icon in the top right corner of the Tickets tab. For instructions on how to forward tickets, please see the “MLB Ballpark Digital Ticket” section in the FAQ below.


From the Ballpark “Tickets” tab, fans will have the ability to access your unlocked offers by tapping on the “Offers” icon in the top right corner. Unlocked offers are a result of a successful check-in. To learn more about checking-in, please see the Check In section below.

Team Tab

The Ballpark Team Page allows you to view detailed information about any Major League ballpark, as well as events taking place throughout the year. Plan your visit with game and promotion schedules, ticket information, directions and parking information, and more.

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Navigate to your team’s schedule to view events and purchase tickets by tapping on the “Schedule” tab in the subheader at the top of the Team Tab.


Make the most of your time at the game with maps and directories, digital companion games (at select ballparks), and information to enhance your experience while at the game. From the Team tab, fans will have access to search and filter for concessions, bathrooms, and other areas of interest by using our completely redesigned Maps experience. In select stadiums, fans will also be able to view concession menus and order via mobile ordering webapps.

To switch over to another team, simply tap on the team name at the top of the page for a menu of other teams.


To access Profile, navigate to Home or More tab, and tap the avatar icon in the top left corner of the screen. The Profile section will allow you to verify your ticket accounts, modify your favorite team(s), and set notification settings.

  • My History - The My History section keeps a record of past ballpark visits (Check Ins). See more below in My History section.
  • My Teams - Allows you to modify your Favorite Team(s). Tap team tiles in descending (top favorite club first) order to rank your favorite teams or tap again to deselect a favorite team(s).
  • My Notifications - Allow the Ballpark app to send you push notifications about events, tickets and exclusive offers directly from your favorite team(s).
  • My MLB Account Emails - Allows you to verify ownership of your ticket accounts for seamless ticket access.
  • My Ticket Accounts - Allows you to view your verified ticketing accounts.

My History

The My History section will allow you to view a snapshot of your attendance at games and events in MLB venues, which is recorded into your MLB/ account. From this section you can also view statistics about your Stadium visits, photos, and attendance history.

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We will show you how many total teams you’ve seen, ballparks you’ve visited, number of check ins, and your personal stats around this information.

Add a Game (Historic Check-In)

Time to pull out all those old ticket stubs! If you would like to check-in retroactively to a game you attended in the past, you can now do so by tapping the + button in the top right corner of “My History”. While adding an “Historic” Check-In does not unlock any promotions or offers, documenting your past events will allow you to see your updated personal stats including your own win-loss record in your My History. You can add an Historic Check In at any time for any Spring Training, Regular season, or Postseason game going back to 1903.

Add Photo(s)

To add photos to an existing check-in, simply tap on the check-in, then tap the “+ Add New Photos” button. From there, choose whether you wish to take a photo with your camera or add one from your Photo Library. Take or select your photo, and then tap “Done”.

Remove Photo(s)

To remove photos from a check-in, simply tap on the check-in, then tap the photo you wish to remove. Finally, tap the trash can icon in the lower right hand corner of the screen. Please note, the photo will be permanently deleted from your check-in and My History.

Edit Notes

If you would like to edit or delete an existing check-in, simply tap on the check-in. To edit, tap the “Edit” button in the top right corner. Make changes to your notes or seat information and tap “Done”.

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Delete a Check In

To delete, tap on the check-in. You’ll notice a “Delete Game” button at the bottom of the screen. If you delete a game, it will no longer display in your History nor count towards your personal Ballpark stats. Any photos associated with the check-in will also be removed.

Check In

Official Check In

An Official Check In can occur if you’re currently attending an event and are physically at the ballpark. They can be added as early as 3 hours ahead of game start, and will allow you to unlock any ballpark promotions and offers being offered for that event.

Please ensure the location services on your device are enabled. Location access can be turned on from the top right of the Home tab. You will automatically complete an Official Check In by simply opening up your Ballpark app at the park at the time of the game.*

*You may also manually complete an Official Check In from the “Team” tab of the home team by tapping on the “Check In” button at the bottom of the screen. The earliest a “Check In” can be completed is 3 hours prior to the scheduled start time and you must be near or in the stadium. If you are not near or in the stadium, the check-in attempt will fail with an appropriate error message. If you believe an error has occurred, you can tap on the “Refresh” button to refresh the information in an attempt to better locate you.

Accessing Unlocked Offers

Once an Official Check In has occurred, fans can access any unlocked offers directly in their wallet. To do so:

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  1. Tap on the “Tickets” tab in the navigation bar.
  2. In the top right corner, you’ll tap on the “Offers” icon. It looks like a tag.
  3. From there, you’ll be shown all offers that you have unlocked, and can now redeem.
Historic Check-In

If you would like to check-in retroactively to a game you’ve attended in the past, you can now do so. While adding an “Historic” Check-In does not unlock any promotions or offers, it will allow you to document past events you’ve attended at the ballpark in your My History at any time. You can add an Historic Check In at any time for any Spring Training, Regular season or Postseason game dating back to 1903. To add a Historic Check-In, simply tap on the “+” button in the top right corner of the My History tab and find the game you attended in the past.


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